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Who Needs A Blog?

You do. You may not know you do, but you do.

With a blog from South Metro Web Designs, you can:

Tell your story

Write about important topics

Promote your cause

Teach a class

Document your travels

Show off your recipes

Earn money with ads and product affiliation links

The Blog We Create For You

We will build you a blog for $95 (from template, custom built could be higher).

Plus we can provide the hosting for your blog for $10 / month, including email.

Or you can choose to host your blog somewhere else, we can still build it starting at $95.

Domain registration is available through many providers. We can help you register your domain if you don’t have one already.

When we build your blog, you retain complete control over it. No ads are inserted (unless you insert them), and you can choose to have affiliate links to make money.

You are never locked in. If you’re not satisfied with our hosting you can move your blog to another host. Complete and intact.

"Free" blog sites

Yes there are plenty of free blogging platforms out there. The problem with them is:

Adds – Like they say, if you’re not paying for a product, then you are the product. Many free blogs insert their ads on your page.

Limited functionality – For free you get something, but pay and you’ll get more. Pay more and you get more, so on and so on. 

Unable to monetize – Free sites won’t let you include your own ads or affiliate links.

Locked in – Most free blog platforms lock you in to their proprietary system, you cannot move your blog to another system. Some have an export feature, but they usually just export the posts, not the basic design of the blog.  

Blog Templates

This is the basic design, we will customize colors and fonts for you.

Basic single post template included. 

Blog Template 1
blog template
Blog Template 2
Blog Template 3

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